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16-17 gyatso CD
3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners pegasus bridge CD + everything is fucking shit CD
90 Day Men taking apart the vessel 7'' + if you can build a cake, you can build a bomb 7'' + she's a salt shaker 7''

90 Day Men (it (is) it) critical band LP
1985, The seven inch record 7'' + nerve eighty CD
Abilene two guns, twin arrows CD
Absinthe s/t 10'' + gag reflex 7''
A Day Called Zero s/t CD
Alboth! ecco la fiera CD
Alboth! ali CD + leib cdep
Alerta in the land of a thousand pretty dreams LP + split The Ex the red dance package 12''
America Is Waiting in the lines CD
A Minor Forest flemish altruism (constituent parts 1993-1996) CD
A Minor Forest inindependence CD
A Minor Forest ... so were they in some sort of fight ? CD
Angel Hair pregnant with the senior class CD
Antioch Arrow split 7'' with Candle + the lady is a cat 12''
Antioch Arrow in love with jetts LP + gems of masochism LP
Apes of Wrath s/t CD
Apes with Guns 7"
Arab On Radar queen hygiene II LP
Arab On Radar rough day at the orifice LP
Årabrot adding d to anger 7''
Arcweld trunkload of satanized luggage 7''
Arcwelder (Tiltawhirl) this LP + jacket made in Canada LP
Arcwelder pull lp + xerxes LP
Arcwelder raleigh 7'' + i am the walrus/sign o' the times 7''
Arm 7''
Arsenal manipulator 12'' + factory smog is a sign of progress 12''
Atomic Fireball s/t 2x7'' + split 7'' with Faith of Blind + s/t 12''
Bacon Wagon savant CD + split 7'' Instrumen + split 7'' Dactyl
Bad Drugs raw powder LP
Badgewearer F.T.Q. LP
Badgewearer this is not a door 7''
Badgewearer a toy gun in safe hands LP
Badgewearer thank you for your custom CD + nowness CD
Bag People lark's vomit 7''
Bakamono the cry of the turkish fig peddler CD
Baños y Baños singles going broke LP
Bar-B-Q Killers comely LP
Basement head-on CD + underneath CD
Bastard Kestrel cor trance 7'' + raserai LP
Bastard Kestrel oh splendid mushroom LP + stench 7''
Bastards monticello LP
Bastro rode hard and put up wep LP
Bastro diablo guapo CD
Bastro sing the troubled beast CD
Beekeeper seafarer 7'' + human torch 7''
Behind Closed Doors s/t 12''
Bellmer Dolls the big cats will throw themselves over CD
Bert quiet positive pump CD + big box schwing CD
Bewitched brain eraser LP
Bhang Dextro hedwig 7'' + rebecca, this is a seven inch 7'' + record no. 5 7''
Big Black sound of impact LP
Big'n cutthroat LP
Big Numbers now, everything CD + spectrum CD 3''
Black Congress davidians/London's burning 7'' + defeated/slums of heaven 7''
Black Snakes crawl LP + Black Snakes/Pussy Galore split 7''
Blacktail styrofoam island CD
Blake s/t LP
Blight Detroit : the dream is dead - the collected works of a midwest hardcore noise band 1982 CD
The Blind Shake old lines sore bones 7''
Blunderbuss 1st & 2nd 7''
Bob Tilton crescent LP + songs of penknife and pocket watch 7''
Bodychoke mindshaft CD
Bodychoke five prostitutes CD
Bodychoke cold river songs CD
Bodychoke completion CD
Boss Hog drinkin', lechin', & lyin LP
Boss Hog cold hands LP + action box 2x7''
Boxcar Satan days before the flood CD + crooked mile march CD + upstanding and indigent CD
Boxcar Satan/Ghostwriter hobo nouveau CD + troubled all its own CD + split CD with Loraxx
The Boys Next Door door, door LP + hee haw 12''
The Boys Next Door the birthday party LP
Brainiac superduperseven 7''
Brass Knuckles for Though Guys noise man kills him CD
Brass Knuckles for Though Guys / Tetsuo stunt split CD + Tetsuo guddommit 7''
Breach last rites/amen 7''
Breadwinner the burner CD
Breaking Circus the very long fuse LP + the ice machine LP + smokers paradise LP
Bughummer the getaway with CD
Buick sweatertongue CD
The Building Press young money CD
Bull tinbox 7''
Bushpig s/t 7'' + s/t LP
Bush Tetras boom in the night (original recordings 1980-1983) LP
Cacaw get a brain 12'' + s/t LP + bat skin robes tape
Caesura more specific less pacific CD
Camp Blackfoot critical seed vs. the spartan society CD
Candy Machine s/t CD
Candy Machine a modest proposal CD
Carnal Ghia cora pearl/raymond listen 7''
Chariots congratulations LP
Cherubs icing LP
Cherubs heroin man CD + short of popular CD
Cheval De Frise s/t CD
The Chrome Cranks s/t LP
Circle X prehistory LP
City Of Caterpillar s/t LP
Clikatat Ikatowi orchestrated and conducted by LP + august 29th and 30th CD + river of souls LP
Colossamite all lingo's clamor CD + camera within CD + split 7'' White Tornado
The Conformists black dahlia/hatch-it 7'' + two hundred CD
Cop Shoot Cop headkick facsimile LP
Cornice/King Biscuit split EP 7''
Coughs bent babies cd-r + frigh makes right CD + secret passage LP
Crabladder / Slowjam split 7''
Craw s/t CD
Craw lost nation road CD
Craw map, monitor, surge CD
Craw split 7" Butterflies + the adventures of cancer man 7'' + split 7'' Sicbay
Cream Abdul Babar the catalyst to ruins CD
Creeps on Candy wonders of giardia LP
Crisis hymns of faith LP + kollectiv 2xLPs
The Crownhate Ruin a primer 7'' + elementary 7'' + intermediate 7''
The Crownhate Ruin until the eagle grins CD + split 7'' Karate
Crown Roast a nose has many jobs LP
Cutter s/t 7''
Dakota i got called a teenager on the 10 o'clock news 7''
Dangerous Birds 7'' + Laughing at the ground v/a 7''
Daviess County Panthers je n'aime pas beaucoup ma gamelle CD
Davy Jones Locker s/t LP + i shake my head 7''
Davy Jones Locker green album LP + cd single CDEP
Davy Jones Locker palpable CD + ultimate cdep
Dawnbreed aroma LP
Dawson barf market : you're ontae plums LP
Dawson how to follow so that others will willingly lead LP
Dawson terminal island LP
Dawson romping egos ! 7'' + small eared rank outsider earth summit 7''
The Days End s/t CD
Dead Air s/t LP
Dead And Gone shiny black 2x7''s
Dead And Gone the beautician LP
Dead And Gone t.v. baby LP + god loves everyone but you LP
Deep Where All Drown movement/the marianas 2xCDs
Deity Guns electricity LP + extra love on a // world 7''
Deity Guns stroboscopy LP
De Ku Dilacht electric shock 7''
Denial joy with no name LP
Detonator 7''
Diet Cokeheads oral 7'' + nasal 7'' + ocular 7'' + compact heat split with Neon Blud
Dig Dat Hole test-pressing LP
Dis #3 7''
Distorted Pony concrete bruises 7'' + work makes freedom 12''
Distorted Pony punishment room LP + instant winner CD
Dog Faced Hermans too much for the red ticker 7''
Dog Faced Hermans unbend 7'' + miss o'grady 7''
Double Boar 7''
Drain pick up heaven LP
Drill For Absentee s/t 7'' + circle music CD
Drive Like Jehu s/t LP + bullet train to vegas 7''
Drunkdriver born pregnant LP + knife day/2nd january 7''
Drunkdriver s/t LP + fire sale 7''
Drunk Tank s/t LP

Drunks With Guns s/t LP + second verses LP
Edible Woman spare me/calf CD
Electrosleep Int'l anthology volume one CD
Elephant Man, The devil's swing CDEP
Enemymine s/t cdep + the ice on me LP
Engine Kid angel wings 2xLPs
Engine Kid Astronaut CDEP
Eniac au revoir, tristesse LP + super friends are made og gold/ken & barbie 7''
Eniac oh? CD + split CD with Experimental Dental School + newsticker/7000000 years before Eniac 7''
Escare s/t cdep
Examination Of The... the whitest of elephants CD
Ex, The 6 singles 7''
Ex Models other mathematics CD + zoo psychology CD
Ex Models chrome panthers LP + split 7'' Holy Molar
Faucet s/t LP + bleeding head LP
Feasts of Merit phanyaa mahn naga kio CD
Festering Rinyanyons split 7'' with The Mercury Players + peaceful easy feelin' 7'' + swimmin' hole 7''
Festering Rinyanyons flatlander recluse CD
Fiddlehead dod E CD - the deaf waiter CD
Fitness neurosenrodeo CD
Flaming Demonics metamorphosis 7'' + nothing is definitive 7"
The For Carnation fight songs CD + marshmallows CD
Forkeye p.i.g. CD
Friend Collector s/t LP + FCII tape
Frodus/Atomic Fireball split 7''
Fuehler s/t CD
Galusha Grow s/t CD
Garbage Collector 1988 LP + s/t CDEP
Gasrattle artshit LP
Gentle Veincut cupid mount etna CD
Gentle Veincut the return Of Mrs. Braun LP + Mahlzeit gentle veincut + supergouge + confused + mahlzhan 2x7''
Gentle Veincut the last of the atomic angels CD + self-titled CD
George & Martha another head LP
Germbox groaning bridge 7'' + creamy loop 7''
Gin Mill patron LP
Git Some cosmic rock LP + loose control LP + exhaustion=feracity 7''
Glazed Baby ancient chineese secret CD
Glazed Baby atomic communists CD
Glazed Baby handgun cdep + squeeze the tail, suck the head CDEP
Glazed Baby karmic debt CD
Glazed Baby/Season To Risk split 7''
Glendale matchbox martyr 7''
Glu la face 7'' + à genoux 7''
Gnu srdce v kusech zvuku LP
Gob the kill yourself commandment LP
God the anatomy of addiction CD
God And Texas history voulme one LP
God And Texas comrade general 7''
God And Texas criminal element CD
Godheadsilo the scientific supercake LP
Godheadsilo skyward in triumph CD
Godheadsilo share the fantasy CD
Godheadsilo elephantinus of the night CD + booby trap 7''
Godheadsilo/Hammerhead split 7''
The Gordons future shock 12'' + 1st album LP
Gordz cor 7'' + split 7'' with Happy Anger + s/t CD
grandMal s/t 7''
grandMal horror vacui cdep + zwischen schlachthof und pascha LP
Grand Ulena gateway to dignity LP
Great Unraveling, The s/t LP + the angel rang virtue 7'' + space travel 7''
Grids kansas LP + s/t 7''
Grong Grong grong grong LP
Grrr LP
Guapo hell is other people 7'' + no more 7'' + horse walks into a bar 7'' + towers open fire CD + split 7'' Guapo / Oharu + Guapo vs. Magma 7''

Gutariko Bat/Portobello Bones split 7'' + Ama 41 7''
Haberdasher quarry 7'' + songs of love CD + v/a hot rock action 7''
Hack the rotten world around us LP
Hammerhead peep/u.v. 7'' + load king 7'' + evil twin 10''
Harriet The Spy unfuckwithable CD
Harry Crews naked in garden hills LP
Haystack slave me CD
Headbutt pissing down LP + tiddles LP
Headbutt solvent bassed product CD + shower curtain CD
Headbutt song for europe/stomach swab 7'' + fat elvis/lipstick 7'' + white cat 7'' + disillusioned/facial towtruck/prayer 7''
Headbutt split CD Splintered + split 7'' Mercury 4°F + danger ice 10'' + fuelled up and ready to burn 7''
headbutt raindrop live in Rennes CD
Headcleaner bogieman 12'' + au fou LP + the peel session 10''
Headcleaner stoked EP 12'' + head of the next one lp + take a ride 7''
Headcleaner no offense meant... plenty taken LP + erase yer head split 7'' with Cows
Head Of David LP
Head Of David dustbowl LP
Hed voodoo chilli 7''
Hegoat edict 7''
Help Gnash Red s/t CD
Hems idreamtiwasmyowncage CD
Heroin all about Heroin 7'' + s/t 7'' + s/t LP
Hero of a Hundred Fights s/t CD
Honeywell industry LP
Hoover side car freddie 7'' + the lurid traversal of route 7 CD + self-titled 12''
Horns the raven CD + the demon and the satyr CD
Hose.Got.Cable antidisestablishmentarianismesque 2x7''
Hum #2 7''
Hurl bessemer process 2x7"s
Index For Potential Suicide the newest youth rebellion LP
In/Humanity the hystory behind the mystery/music to kill yourself by LP+7''
Ink s/t CD + reagent specs CD
Jack'O'Nuts s/t CD + on you LP
Jaks here lies the body of Jaks CD
Janitor Joe big metal birds LP + lucky LP
Janitor Joe h'mong today, hung tomorrow 7'' + bullethead/KCL 7'' + boyfriend 7'' + stinker 7''
John's Black Dirt heavy head 7'' + perpetual optimism is a force multiplier LP
Johnboy calyx 7'' + pistolswing CD + claim dedications CD
Josef K the only fun in town CD
Jug turn off excess secretion of gastric acid 7''
Jumbo 1st & 2nd 7''
Karp mustaches wild 10''
Karp s/t LP CD
Karp suplex CD
Karp split with Rye Coaltion + action chemistry CD
Kid Commando holy kid commando CD
The Kill Van Kull human bomb LP+CD

Kilslug answer the call LP
Kiss It Goodbye she loves me, she loves me not LP + choke CDEP + demo tape
Kleg eating and sleeping CD + zing CD
Kurt s/t LP
Laddio Bolocko strange warming of CD + in real time CD + as if by remote CD
La Gritona arrasa con todo CD
La Mâchoire s/t LP
The Last Crime s/t CD
Libraness yesterday... and tomorrow's shells LP
Ligament three dimensional pumping heart 7'' + split 7'' Elevate
Ligament indifferent cop 10'' + split 7'' with Space Bike
Ligament kind deeds LP
Ligament halfway between san juan& mendoza LP
Lincoln sugarloaf/waterboy 7'' + two headed coin split 7'' with Hoover + union 7'' + morgantown sound radio show
Logan love, said gas CD
Loggerhead CD
Loraxx canada CD
Loraxx yellville CD
Loraxx selfs CD
Loraxx western wear 7''
Loveblobs congealed 12'' + extraction 12''
Lovecup #1 7''
Love Life the rose he lied by LP
Love Life here is night, brothers, here the birds burn LP + be kind to me 10''
Lowdown, The Y is a crooked letter CD
Lowercase two songs 7'' + brass tacks 7'' + cadence 7'' + mailorder freak singles club 7'' + imbedded in ice 7''
Lowercase all destructive urges... seem so perfect LP
Lowercase kill the lights LP
Lowercase the going away present LP
Lung cactii CD
Lung 3 heads on a plate LP
Lustre King she's a bomb 7'' + the money shot 12''
Lustre King shoot the messenger CD + split 7'' The Five Deadly Venoms
Lydia Lunch honeymoon in red LP
Lydia Lunch hysterie (1976-1986) 2xLPs
Lynx s/t CD
Madraso the theme of consequence CD + van horne LP
Mama Tick research & development series 7'' + torture/lode 7'' + horsedoctor 7''
Mama Tick action city 7'' + gimme the five bucks CD
Mama Tick/Faucet crust busting split 7''
Man Igno 7''
Marjan Crash graze/susan 7'' + cruise dakota CDEP
Mars the complete studio recordings NYC 1997-1978 LP
Martians, The low budget stunt king CD + you would rather 7'' + garden 7''
Mazey Fade unreleased 7'' + milk white cripple 7''
Mazey Fade secret watchers built the world CD + draco's light LP + not good radio 10''
Meathooks psychoshitmachine 7'' + cambodia soul music LP + god crash d.o.a 7''
Melt delusion 7''
Mercury Players 7''
Mickey Finn 3 on a match CD + peacemaker 7''
Milkmine braille CD + split 7''/Liquor Bike + super M 7''
Miniwatt rectifiers CD
Miniwatt metropolis 7''
Miniwatt assimilated CD
Miniwatt i can't stand waiting for it CD
Mission Of Burma signals, calls, and marches LP + Vs. LP
MoE eyes/lies 7'' + left to swallow 12'' + David Yow 7''
Moist face pack tape
More Fire For Burning People sitting breathless in new chairs CD
Moreland Audio turbogold CD
Moss Icon lybernum wit's end liberation fly LP
Moss Icon it disappears LP
Motherhead Bug zambodia CD
Mount Shasta nodule/sleeping fugly 7''
Mount Shasta put the creep on CD
Mount Shasta who's the hottie LP
Mount Shasta watch out CD
Mug corsica egg 2x10''
Mug dead men don't rape 2x7''
Mutators kill me CD + secret life LP
My Disco collapse of an erratic lung 7'' + language of numbers CD + split 7'' with Off Minor
Navio Forge as we quietly burn a hole into... LP
Neon Blud whipps 7'' + b-girls 12'' + discotheque deathbed LP
Nero dune concept record CD
Neutrino fligh paths 7'' + improved hearing through amplification CD + motion picture soundtrack CD
New Radiant Storm King rival time CD
New Radiant Storm King/Polvo split 7''
NG Kindheit deaf like me 7''
Northern Bushmen happy hooker worms 7'' + s/t 12'' + biggest player 7''
No Trend too many humans... LP
Novice Brown 7''

Noxagt split 7'' with Hellfire + KFJC 7''
Noxagt turning it down since 2001 LP
Noxagt the iron point LP
Noxagt s/t CD
Of Cabbages And Kings basic pain basic pleasure LP
Oiler missing part one CD
Okara months like tears LP
Olive 7''
One Arm treat / brillant 7''
One Eyed Jack ride the hide 7'' + 2 unreleased tracks
Oxbow let me be a woman CD
Oxes s/t CD
Oxes/Arab On Radar split 10''
Pachinko when the going gets tough,the tough get dirty 7'' + deep inside 7'' + i naked 7''
Pachinko who shaved Pachinko ? 5'' + el diablo en señorita 7''
Pachinko behind the green pachinko LP + splendor in the ass II : electric boogaloo CD
Party Diktator worldwide LP
Party Diktator dive-bomb LP
Penthouse ript'n'happy 7'' + gas porter blues 7'' + split 7'' with Country Teasers
Penthouse gutter erotica CD
Penthouse my idle hands LP
Penthouse unt CD
Phleg Camp ya'red fair scratch CD
Phut hot carl 7''
Pink And Brown shame Fantasy II CD
Pitchblende kill atom smasher CD + au jus CD + gygax! CD
Pitchfork eucalyptus CD
Plan, The this time is not the plan CD
Pregnant human conception 7'' + my dogdays are done CD
Policy Of 3 dead dog summer LP + s/t 7'' + american woodworking 7''
Porch 4x7''

Portraits Of Past s/t LP
Punching Contest the trick 7'' + 1 bonus track

The Pushkins pumpkin head LP + lotuseater/bond 7''
Quitters Club s/t CD + split 7'' Johnboy
Raeo el diablo 7'' + adios jupiter CD + words are worms 7'' + body loop CD
Ranheim kraft 7'' + rock & science CD
Ranheim norwegian wood CD + i don't like The Smiths 7''
Rapeman two nuns and a pack mule LP
Rapider Than Horsepower stage fright, stage fright, this is my big night 2xLPs
Rapo 7''
Rat At Rat R amer$ide, rock& roll is dead, long live LP + stainless steel 12'' + s/t LP
Record Hope pareidolia CD + s/t CD
Red Expendables s/t CD
Red Transistor not bite/we're not crazy 7''
Red X Red M between your prayers and my curses our kind may triumph yet LP
Regulator Watts the aesthetics of no-drag LP
Rig warthole 7''
Rockets Red Glare s/t CD+ moonlight desires CD
Rodan how the winter was passed 7'' + rusty CD
Rogojine dead beat/father 7'' + split 7'' with Judd + s/t CDEP
Rumah Sakit s/t LP + obscured by clowns CD
RWA liquéfaction totale avant travaux Tape
RWA heeheh haharh 7'' + krowgrrrr 7''
RWA/Voodoo Muzak l'amour des bêtes/teenage beetles split CD + vous tremblerez dans le vomi ! split 7''
RWA souillée dans la boue/une parole 7'' + split 7'' with Freicore
Rye Coalition hee saw dhuh kaet LP
Rye Coalition teen-age dance session 7'' + new sheriff in town 7''
Saint James Infirmary fuckin' americans 7''+ s/t LP + own device 7''
Saraspoden torn 7''
Scrid the island of misfit toys CD
Scratch Acid the greatest gift CD
Scud 7'' + unreleased tracks
Seam headsparks LP + the problem with me CD
Seam are you driving me crazy ? LP + the pace is glacial CD
Sea Scouts pattern recognition LP+CD
Sea Scouts beacon of hope CD + word as a weapon 7'' + $100000 mamal 10''
Season to Risk in a perfect world LP
Selten Übel s/t 12''
Sexual Surrogate knochenleitung LP + ravish 7''
Shakuhachi Surprise space streakings sighted over mount shasta LP
Shale shorn 7'' + lie truth 12''
Shiny Beast s/t 7'' + split LP with Regraped
Shorty thumb days LP + fresh breath 10''
Shotmaker the crayon club LP + split LP with Maximillian Colby
Shotmaker mouse ear [forget-me-not] LP
Sister Iodine ADN 115 CD
Six Finger Satellite the pigeon is the most popular bird CD
Six Horse fine business, excellent LP + don't doubt Annie 7''
Skelter stained/hose 7''
Slight Surface Noise s/t LP
Slowworm torso 7'' + at last, my dat 7''
Slug swingers 10''/CD
Slug the out sound CD
Slug breathe the thing out 7'' + hambone city 7'' + rubberape 7''
Slug/Unsane split 7'' + Slug/Cherubs split 7'' + Various Star Fuck presents tour singles 7''
Slughog swine, gut / 100 gloves 7''
Slughog grit ! CD
Smoke heaven on a popsicle stick CD + another reason to fast CD
Smoke pretend/dirt 7''
Smorgasbord rhythm through vaseline 10''
Snailboy mango 7'' + spoo heaven 7''
Socrates more vultures, hyenas and coyotes CD
Solid Gold Hell swingin hot murder LP + the blood and the pity LP
So Nicht boop 7''
Son Of Crackpipe the benevolence of dogs and other evolutionary accidents CD + mary poppins 10''
Spavid itchy 7''
Speedking black mono time 7''
Speedking sway/spider veloce 7''
Speedking devilina/faker 7'' + split with Shove 7''
Spike in Vain disease is relative LP
Splat! yeah... the dum dum 7'' + s/t 12''
Splintered parapraxis LP
Spitters, The give CD
Spitters, The s/t cdep + times of influenza 7''
S.Process s/t EP 12''
S.P.U.D. gnaw LP
S.P.U.D. sour LP + breakdown town 12'' + recliner 7''
The Stabs wading 7'' + dirt CD
The Stabs dead wood CD + split lips 7''
The Static theoretical record 7''
Stau V3 LP
Stau macht mit CD
Stau der gute rat CD
Staynless transistor theory and circuits made simple CD
Steakdaddy Six #4 7''
Steel Pole Bath Tub butterfly love LP + lurch LP + tulip LP
Stickdog s/t LP + Human LP
Stick Men With Ray Guns some people deserve to suffer CD
Stnnng/The Means split 7''
Storm & Stress s/t 2xLPs
Storm & Stress under thunder and fluorescent light LP
Sulfur delirium tremens CD
Sun Carriage a kiss to tall 12'' + sarah c.d. 12''
Superconductor the most popular man in the world 7'' + heavy with puppy 7'' + hit songs for girls LP
Svätsox ruins LP
Sweep The Leg Johnny 4 9 21 30 CD + Tomorrow Will Run Faster CD
Sweep The Leg Johnny sto cazzo! LP + going down swingin' 2xLPs
Sweet Pea chicks hate wes CD
SwitcHhitter academy CD+ fer de lance CD
Swob tragus 7'' + neutrions 7'' + the explosion of scilence 7''
Table s/t LP
Taylor brand abrasive sound structure CD
Technician ted serios 7'' + opposition CD
Ted Bundy's Volkswagon hulk mad 7'' + baker 2x7'' + split CD with Plainfield + various 7'' get off my wagon
Teen Archer s/t 10''
Ten Grand this is the way to rule CD
Terminal Cheesecake bladdersack LP + johnny town-mouse LP
Terminal Cheesecake V.C.L. LP
Theoretical Girls 1978-1981 CD
Theramin we were gladiators CD
These Immortal Souls get lost, don't lie LP + marry me 12''
These Immortal Souls i'm never gonna die again CD
Thug broken/lost it 7''
Tinsel Teeth trash as the trophy LP + pink eye CD
Tourettes Lautrec red all LP
Trumans Water spasm smash xxxoxox ox and ass 2xLPs
T-Tauri ending deconstruction LP + infinite motion CD
Turing Machine a new machine for living LP
The USA Is A Monster tasheyana compost LP
Uzi sleep asylum CD
Venus Beads incision LP
Versailles the great axis CD
The VSS nervous circuits LP + 21:51 CD
Weird Moves prototrust/ashes 7''
Whirling Pig Dervish full feather lovesuit 7'' + three small one tall LP
White Drugs harlem CD + gold magic LP
White Tornado from hand to mouth CD + leg CDEP
Whitey the whitey album CD
Wicketran frills and flashy finery CD
Wider main 7'' + triangle 7''

Wolfhounds blown away LP
World Domination Enterprises let's play domination LP
Yaphet Kotto the killer was in government blankets LP + syncopated synthetic laments for love LP
Your Majesty jive shucker CD
Zeni Geva desire for agony CD
Zowiso beat per minute 7''
Zulu As Kono I CD + II CD

A Caulfied Compilation germbox + sideshow + mercy rule + molly mcguire 7''
Ah!... Quelle belle journée amanita compilation CD
Brut Unison villa brut // beton brut // villa brut // soldat brut CD
Erase Yer Head Singles Series #1 & #2 zeni geva/x-rated-x split 7'' - cows/headcleaner split 7''
Erase Yer Head Singles Series #3 & special issue ground zero/bästard split 7'' + guapo/oharu split 7''
Erase Yer Head Singles Series #5 & #6 unsane/hint split 7'' + alboth!/belly button/molecules/ruins/mug split 7''
Erase Yer Head Singles Series #7 & #9 kepone/ed/hall/headbutt/beamtrap split 7'' + melt-banana/camp blackfoot/tear off a doll/god is my co-pilot split 7''

Mahlzeit gentle veincut + supergouge + confused + mahlzhan 2x7''
Raisins And Vomit compilation series volume one 7''
Regeneration compilation CD
Scumbait #1 7'' + #2 7''
The Smitten Love Song compilation LP